Finals Week


Abbygayle Frea

School is over on May 24, but before students can go on summer break, they have to take finals for their classes. Which mean, May 22-24 is all finals and 12:30 dismissed days.  Different grade levels were asked certain things about finals. For example, if they have studied for finals yet?

“No not yet,” said Maddie Moñtano, a junior at Tracy High

“Honestly I never feel prepared for finals,” said Isaiah Santamaría, a junior at Tracy High.

“I’m so ready for finals,” said Jarvis Oca, a junior at Tracy High.

“Sure, I’m ready as I’ll ever be,” said Alison Remollino, a freshman at Tracy High.

It sounds as if most of the students are ready for finals but some feel unprepared for their finals. One thing everyone likes to hear is what their easiest final is going to be for finals week.

“Choir is gonna be my easier class,” said Moñtano.

“My history final because me and my friends get together and study the subject so then I feel prepared,” said Santamaría.

“My history class would be my easiest final because Mr. Fishburn’s finals aren’t that hard,” said Oca.

“My easiest would be film studies because we’re allowed to use our notes on the final,” said Remollino.

There’s a lot of different variety of classes that are having easy finals. What about the students hardest final?

“Math(geometry) is gonna be the hardest for me out of all my classes,” said Moñtano.

“I feel that most of my classes are gonna be my hardest final,” said Santamaría.

“The hardest final for me would either be math or English,” said Oca.

“Bio is gonna be my hardest final because we haven’t learned anything from our sub,” said Remollino

 The next question asked was if there is going to be any parties during there classes so they’ll have a break before the break.

“Yes choir is having a potluck,” said Moñtano.

“I don’t think any of my classes are doing parties but I could be wrong,” said Santamaría.

“ I’m doing a potluck in my English class and in my choir class and I’m very excited about it,” said Oca.

“I’ll probably have a party in English,” said Remollino.

The last question to be asked was how students will prepare for their finals?

“I’ll probably go over my notes and make study guides for my classes,” said Moñtano.

“I’m gonna ask a lot of people to form study groups for my different finals,” said Santamaría.

“I’m gonna grind and study every day and review and I might do a study group for my math class,” said Oca.

“Study with my friends and at home as frequently as possible,” said Remollino. 

It seems a lot of the students are going to be studying really hard for the finals coming up. Good luck to all the students taking finals and hope you do well.