Senior Tailgate and Senior Sunrise


Abbygayle Frea, Staff Reporter

At Tracy High on Aug. 23,  Senior Sunrise happened before school and Senior Tailgate took place the same day during 5th and 6th period. A lot of the students said both of them were a ton of fun being able to see their friends that they usually don’t get  to see. Their experience in all was positive at both Senior Sunrise and Senior Tailgate.

It was the first year that the school chose to have Senior Sunrise.

“I thought senior sunrise was fun and memorable experience but I wish more people came,” said Faith Remillino, a senior at Tracy High.

“It was a great concept and I enjoyed it but I think it could be improved. Probably over time,” said Jewel Knox, a senior at Tracy High.

“I thought senior was great! Though it was difficult waking up so early in the morning it was fun to see the sunrise with my graduating class. It surely was an amazing way to make memories,” said Stephanie Aurora, a senior Tracy High.

“Senior Sunrise was fun activity to start off the year,” said Vanessa Sorro, a senior at Tracy High.

There were also food and beverages at the Senior Sunrise.

“The food was super good and made my day,” said Remillino.

“Yup! Both were delicious! Also, there was only one lady working the coffee place so I was really impressed!” said Knox.

“No I did not get any donuts and coffee but I’m sure those were good too,” said Aurora.

“I split one free donut with a friend and I got a coffee. The donut was good, the coffee was also good for people that like caffeine,” said Sorro.

Since a lot of the students seemed to enjoy the Senior Sunrise which is amazing since its the first year the school chose to try it out. But the main event that happened that day was tailgate. How did the seniors enjoy that? 

“Tailgate was a good experience but it was super hot!” said Remillino.

“It honestly felt like a way to get out of classes then an actual event. I would recommend expanding on it,” said Knox.

 “When I went to tailgate I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but I ended up having a great time,” said Aurora.

“Yes I loved tailgate, I got to spend more time with my friends,” said Sorro.

At every senior tailgate there always a T-shirt contest, so they students were asked how they designed their T-Shirts.

“I did the T-shirt contest with three of my friends and we designed black shirts with green and gold and a paw print too, and on the back was our last name and a number to spell out 2020,” said Remillino.

“I did. Our groups theme was a wholesome Memes. I did a little polar bear sitting against a blue background with pink hearts. Each person had the word seniors near the neckline,” said Knox.

“We made a green and yellow paw print tie-dye shirts with paw print on the front that had 2020 on it,” said Aurora.

“I didn’t participate with the T-shirt contest,” said Sorro.

It seemed that the seniors really enjoyed the activities that happened that day. But hope they enjoy the rest of the activities from here on out.