Academic Decathlon


Academic Decathletes

Alani Caoili

Throughout the years, the establishment of Tracy High School used to maintain a wonderful winning streak in the Academic Decathlon (AcaDec) Last year, due to difficulties and changes in the leadership, team struggled. Having said that, this year the students have high hopes of getting it back on track and reaching their primary goal to be on the road to the beginning of an extraordinary winning streak, leaving behind the past of Tracy High School’s difficult times.

Lisetta Wallace, an IB English 3 teacher, was ecstatic to hear about the offering of the spot to be the new teacher for AcaDec and has happily agreed to volunteer for the position without hesitation. Wallace has excelled and utilizes her skills and her experience of teaching AcaDec class, back when it was just a club and the beginning of her many years of teaching.

The slight differences in the class do not hinder her excellent teaching skills. The biggest issues delay in receiving the needed supplies to assist her class properly.

Shortly after Wallace had volunteered for the AcaDec class, she ordered the needed supplies for her class, expecting them to come at the start of the summer. However, she did not receive them until the end of August due to problems with delivery. The supplies had accidentally been shipped to the a previous  AcaDec coach.

Other than the difficult start to her new position, the students were eager and excited to learn from their new teacher. Wallace, who was just as excited as her students to and ready to move on from the delivery issues.

The class has grown in size and determination since last year’s team and the team is determined and extremely hopeful in winning the upcoming competitions.

Junior, Nancy Trieu, who has been with AcaDec since her freshman year, said, “…if we continue to be determined and hard-working, we will have a better chance of winning.”

The class has gained many new students that have merged with returnees All of the students are spirited and determined for what is to come for this year’s team.