Girls Tennis Working Through League


Amaya Armas, Staff Reporter

Starting off the 2019 tennis season, the girls tennis team began their first games of league with a win. To continue this winning streak, the girls have different drills that they practice to help simulate a game scenario or just to better a skill that they lack.

“The drills singles do is hitting with the coach, mock games, practice matches, ground strokes, coach feeding us balls, and rallies,” Quynh Trosien said.

As drills do vary as far as whether a player or players are competing as single or in doubles, you do the drills that depend on what you compete as. Each are split in two different groups, singles or doubles.

“Drills for doubles are practicing serving, rallies, games, and hitting ball back & forth,” Simran Bhatia said.

As the girls continue through the league games, they do their best to balance both school, practice, and their game schedules.

“Balancing tennis and school has mostly been easy because if you aren’t one of the first people to play, you have more of an opportunity to do your homework while others play, in general, I just have to work hard and make sure I don’t have that much homework and don’t fall behind…since league has been going well, I’ve been able to make the latter, I haven’t been playing many points lately, but the top 14 girls have been doing a really good job,” said Jennifer Noll.

Trosien also said, “For me, tennis and school is balanced through being organized with what I have to study, having time management, and me personally I never like to wait to do homework because my performance is better when I get a good nights rest for practices and games.”

The girls recently had a tournament on Sept. 6 and 7. The girls that competed were the Varsity top 12. Players such as Harleen Dhillon and Anikha Kemshetti, who both play doubles, felt like their performance was very good at the tournament.

“During the tournament, my performance overall was very well, I had won 3 matches and unfortunately due to getting injured, I had to default,” said Trosien.

As competition continues to rise with every match the girls face, they continue to challenge each other at practices to guarantee they are ready to face challenging situations at games or tournaments. Every practice and every mock game is used to get ready and prepare each another for the challenging season and league tournament Oct. 24 and 25 at In-Shape Marina, Stockton.