Fall Fashion

Elijah Quintana, Staff Reporter

With it now being October, the weather is changing.  Some people prefer it to be hot and warm, and other like it to be cold.  Personally I like when it is cold out. Many students refer to this time as “sweater weather” or “hoodie season.”

This year though summer seems to be staying around longer, including the heat.  At the end of September we were still having 90 degree weather.

According to some freshman, they cant wait for it to be cold.  Some male students said they enjoy the cold so that they cold wear their jeans.  Female students said they cant wait to wear some sweat pants and a hoodie.

During the Fall and winter you see many different types of clothing.  Some students even wear their letterman jackets.  It is all about wearing what’s comfortable for you.

It’s all about wearing what you like.