St. Jude’s Spirit Week


Michelle Morales, Staff Reporter

When St. Jude’s spirit week is here at Tracy High School, we are so honored to be able to support St. Jude’s hospital. The week of St. Jude’s spirit week students are able to donate any amount of donation towards St. Judes hospital. All donations will be held in the cafeteria during both lunches.

Students can also participate in the spirit days, each day from Monday to Friday there will be a different theme. Students can rock out in the spirit day wear. This is a great way to show respect and support towards the children who are in the hospital.

Tracy High School is a very connected school, we support each other and each program held here. We are full of pride! We want everyone to feel supported and connected here at Tracy High. Our goal is for everyone to feel welcome participating in our activities.

Monday was sunglasses day (my favorite). Wear your sun shades or any crazy looking glasses to participate. This is a very simple way to show support!

On Tuesday was camouflage day. That means rock out in any of your stylish pieces! 

Wednesday was band tees. Wear your favorite bands!

On Thursday it was squad day. You and your friends can match with any piece of clothing. This is a very popular day because everyone loves to match with their friend group!

On Friday was extreme green and gold! We encourage everyone to wear their school colors and show our bulldog pride! This is a very easy day mainly because we have green and gold days every Friday! 

We hope everyone was able to show off their school pride. It really does make a difference and shows support to every child and parent at St. Judes hospital. Donations go towards the treatment of  children in need. I’m hoping everyone was moved enough to help out by participating in our spirit days!