Volleyball Keeps Winning Despite Injuries


The varsity girls volleyball team kicked off their first league game with a win against Tokay on Monday Sept. 23. after recovering from a long and exhausting weekend of having their traditional two-day Hard Driven  Tournament, taking 6th place in silver.

The girls are persistent in continuing their winning streak and hope it will follow them into league, despite their injured players.

Since the team had to do many adjustments due to three injuries on the team, the girls had to get use to a new line up while competing against teams. The girls played three games and a tournament with the new lineup.

“I think the team is handling the missing players well. Although we miss having our teammates, our team has only gotten stronger and bonded through the rough patches…the team definitely has been focused in practices especially because we knew that there was going to be tough competition but were determined to fight till the end,” said Natalie Laiolo.

Due to the fact they are low on players, the girls also have had to re-adjust to a different position or positions that they don’t normally play, such as Aly Cargill having to play libero, Dharsini Sridharan for middle back or right back, Leila Sardinha having to occasionally swing outside instead of right side or setting, and Natalie Laiolo hitting outside instead of setting or hitting right side.

Despite the unfortunate injuries, the girls overall are looking forward to being undefeated in League.

Leila Sardinha said, “St. Marys is a team I’m excited to compete against during league. Due to the fact I know a majority of the girl’s on the team and always like how intense the game is and being able to experience playing against them is my favorite part.”

Cargill said, “I am really looking forward to playing St. Mary’s to finally beat them so we can be the only champions instead of co-champions.”

The girls have also had to balance homework, league games, and practices. Some of the girls share their tactics into balancing everything.

Laiolo said, “Being a junior, it has been tough with balancing IB classes and volleyball, but I  believe I am very organized and I have been striving  to continue to achieve good grades.”

“To keep volleyball and school balanced I have made sure that I use my planner, stay organized, and do not procrastinate. If I were to procrastinate, i’m pretty sure I would have a mental breakdown” said Sridharan.

In addition, Sardinha also said, “Trying to balance volleyball and school I try to do as much homework or schoolwork as possible during the school days and lunch, and when I can’t do it all at school, I do at home in late nights.”

The next match the girls will play is against St. Mary’s Monday Sept. 30.