Male Athlete of the Month


Luc Miceli, Contributor

Caden Fry is September’s male athlete of the month.  Caden Fry is a captain and starter on varsity water polo.

He has had a great start to the season.  In 7 games, he’s scored twenty goals, 5 assists, and twelve steals.  He’s averaging 2.9 goals a game in September. Also, he was named Stockton athlete of the week earlier this month.

Caden hasn’t come out of nowhere. He has been playing water polo for four years.  Now he is a varsity captain leading the team.

He is able to score very efficiently with his strong shot.  He is put in many positions to score and has has made 20 shots on 29 attempts this month.

Is he going to be able to continue this high level play? 

 “I plan to keep on trying my best and keep working on my fundamental skills to keep playing at a high level,” said Caden.

 Caden has been really good, so how does he prepare? 

“I start the game with a clear mind, which allows me to stay cool under pressure,” said Caden.  

For Caden to continue what he is doing will not be easy but if he keeps practicing and leading his team in games, he can duplicate this month for October.  Caden can continue what he’s doing with all his experience in his four years. He has learned a lot more about the sport and this is a big reason why he is so good.

If Caden does continue his run, he could score 50 goals on the whole season.  When watching Caden play, this seems like a very attainable goal.