Spooky Decoration!


Abbygayle Frea, Staff Reporter

It’s almost the spooky season! People start decorating their homes to either make them look scary or even cute. But Oct. 31 is getting closer and closer as the days go on. Student, were asked on how they feel about the spooky season and whether or not if they going to decorate.

“Yes, I plan on celebrating Halloween. We go more about fall decorations, so we don’t really go all out with Halloween decorations,” said Sophia Alejandra, a junior at Tracy High.

“I am going to celebrate Halloween, and I definitely go all out since its mine and my parents’ favorite holiday,” said Vanessa Sorro, a senior at Tracy High.

“Yes I’m celebrating Halloween this year, and we do go all out but not crazy all out,” said Vivica Alameda, a senior at Tracy High.

“Yes I’m celebrating Halloween and yes I’m going all out this year,” said Jarvis Oca, a senior at Tracy High.

A variety of people have already gone to the store and bought their decorations for Halloween and have had an idea of what they want their homes to look like.

“My family celebrates Dia De Los Muertos so we always decorate an alter and lots of candy skulls so we can celebrate the holiday,” said Alejandra.

“For Halloween I’m doing a variety looking of tombstones in my front yard, with zombies poking out and hands rasing above the ground, I’m also putting a creepy ghost next to my door with a variety of spider webs in front of my door, and I’m also putting different lights in the front of my lawn giving it a creepy vibe at night,” said Sorro.

“For me, I’m carving pumpkins and putting them outside my house, so I’m just doing the traditional Halloween decorations, said Alameda.

“I’m gonna be doing a whole bunch of spider webs and a big witch plus a ghost in the front of my yard,” said Oca.

Now that Halloween is getting closer it also means that they need to decorate soon.

“I plan on putting up my decorations in a couple of weeks but I can’t promise that I will,” said Alejandra.

“I’m starting to put up my decorations now so im not having to stress about it last minute,” said Sorro.

“For me, I plan on decorating on October 1st so then i can technically be considered the start of the spooky season,” said Alameda.

“We plan on putting up decorations 2 weeks from now,” said Oca.

Since Halloween has been a famous holiday and has always been a holiday to were you get to decorate your home with a creepy and scary vibe or even just traditional pumpkins and tiny ghosts, the students were asked how long they have decorated their homes for Halloween?

“Ever since I was younger I’ve always decorated,” said Alejandra.

“For me, my parents love the spooky season so they would decorate a lot for Halloween so I guess before I was born,” said Sorro.

“I always decorate but its super simple decorations,” said Alameda.

“Yes we have always decorated and we don’t take it down until Christmas comes,” said Oca.

Halloween is getting closer and closer as the days go on.Its the holiday where you get to express your inner creepy and spooky vibes.Hope everyone has fun on Halloween and decorating their hearts out. Be safe!