Senior Quotes


Abbygayle Frea, Staff Reporter

For a number of years seniors have written quotes to give their last goodbye in the yearbooks. But the students have been denied the opportunity to do senior quotes as of this year for class 2019-2020. 

“Senior quotes have the potential to be a liability and so to protect my yearbook staff, as well as the school, I’ll be doing them differently this year,” said Stacy Browne, yearbook teacher at Tracy high.

Mrs.Browne the teacher for yearbook looks like she is going to keep the quotes but is just changing how they are generated.

The point of view of the Senior that are wanting to do senior quotes came through pretty clearly.

“I really don’t like that it’s not being used because it’s our way to express how we feel about our senior year,” said Nayeli Fabian, a senior at Tracy High.

“I don’t understand why it would affect our class year when the past years we’ve done senior quotes,” said Lizzette Aguirre, a senior at Tracy High.

“I was disappointed that we wouldn’t be having senior quotes this year,” said Sabrina Dastagirzada, a senior at Tracy High.

“I’m upset because of how now we’re not able to do the funniest and most memorable thing of senior year, besides graduation,” said Jewel Ellsworth, a senior at Tracy High.

The Seniors of 2020 have not been happy about the outcome of senior quotes, but some seniors don’t seem to mind.

“I’m against not being able to do senior quotes in the yearbook,” said Fabian.

“I’m against it even though I’m in yearbook,” said Aguirrez

“I’m against it,” said Dastagirzada.

“I’m against it because it’s something that seniors look forward too,” said Ellsworth.

For the seniors that are against explained the reason why they are.

“Im against it because the seniors of this year should not be affected because of one person’s mistake,” said Fabian.

“ I’m against it because I’ve thought about doing my senior quotes since my freshman year and I’ve been waiting to do it all four years of high school,” said Aguirre.

“I’m against it because I feel that seniors quotes are a form of expression that students look forward to even as a freshman,” said Dastagirzada.

“I’m against it because we are seniors and we should be able to look back at these quotes and remember who we were and who these other people were by what they said,” said Ellsworth.

 “They should not be removed,” said Fabian.

As seniors, they have looked forward to creating senior quotes since freshman year. So let’s see how yearbook changes the format and what  it looks like before getting too worked up.