Girls Golf vs West


Luc Miceli, Contributor

The girls golf team is going up against West.  A win against West would be very good for Tracy.  To beat the school rivals and get a league win is the goal.  

How do you prepare for a match such as West?  “ Personally how I prepare for matches does not fluctuate on teams.  I practice like usual when it comes to the day of the match,” said senior Kelsey Bas.  

Beating West would allow the team to grow.  The whole team is trying to get better every match and winning would allow the team to gain more confidence with each golfer’s different playing styles.

West is particularly the best team but a game like this can be used to get work in and experience to better themselves for the future.  They want to perform their best to show who is the best team in Tracy. 

Here’s a recap of the match, Hayden Andrade shot a 41, Gina Alegre shot a 48.  Tracy walked out with the win. How did the team perform? 

 “ I thought we did pretty good,” Gina Alegre said about her team. 

As far as the whole group everyone is working on their individual game and trying to keep their game sharp.  “There were some girls that played that do not usually play. They are average but they are getting better,” Coach Solano said.  

It is a young team, There are only three seniors and one is new.  Coach Solano wants to encourage his players to work on their game over the summer.  A lot of the girls next year will be juniors so there is time to improve.

  The team right now looks like they will finish third.  So they just need to keep improving and finish the year strong.