Ultimate Frisbee Club


Michael Noll, Contributer

The Ultimate Frisbee Club is one of the most exciting clubs on campus.  It is able to bring together all different grade levels, and so many people from different backgrounds who no one would ever expect to be friends.

This club is a really good way to go out and make new friends, and hang out with old ones.  It is also a great way to relieve stress.  

DJ Asah, a sophomore on the basketball team, said, “It´s actually pretty fun.  It is good exercise and one of my favorite activities besides basketball.”

It is a great way to stay in shape, and burn calories, and also have fun with your friends. 

Caden Fry, a varsity boys water polo captain, said, “Ultimate Frisbee is a really good and action packed game if you play it with the right people.”

The best part about the club is that no one has to be really good at it and everyone tries their best.  It is also really easy to both learn and teach.

Mr. Kalis the club adviser takes a few minutes at the very start of every meeting and explains the rules, and how to play to all of the new people.  He also plays alongside the club members and is easily the best player out on the field.  

The goal of ultimate Frisbee is to score more points then your opponent by catching the frisbee in the designated end zone.  You need to pass the frisbee to the other players on your team without moving and can only take 3 steps if you have to because of momentum.

Teams are equally seperated by pairing up with someone of equal skill and playing rock paper scissors.  The winner wears one jersey, while the loser wears anther color jersey.

Jason Goulart said, “Yea it´s fun, it is a laxidasical version of football.”  

It is very similar to football in many ways.  In both you have endzones that you need to score in, and you can also pass in both.  Also you throw off to the other team at the start of the match just like you kickoff in football.

Sydney Lanning, a senior on the tennis team, said, “Yes I like Ultimate Frisbee because it is a fun sport to play and you can make it as competitive as you want.”

Come out and join the club on a Tuesday night at 7:15 p.m. on the football field.  It will give you a chance to be part of a club, have fun with friends, and give you a good time.