New Teachers of Tracy High, Continued

Dontay Boyles

Tracy High has had many great teachers come and leave but this year we have multiple brand new teachers that are ready to be the best teachers they can be for all the students they have.

Brittany Baron is one of our new English teachers. She graduated from Cal Poly and she has  advice for students who wants to be a teacher.

“You should study hard in school and study in child development,” said Baron.

Baron also has always wanted to be a teacher because she wanted a job where she can have the biggest impact she can have on children. She believes that Tracy High is the best high school ever and cannot wait to change some children’s lives.

Next, new teacher Elizabeth Carrasso teaches Spanish. She graduated from Stanislaus State.

“I think some people can be ready (to teach right out of college) but it depends on the person and their skills,” said

She didn’t always want to be a teacher.

“I wanted to be an actress but I wasn’t competitive enough and I couldn’t keep up with their diets they wanted me to have; I love food to much,” said Carrasso.

She thinks Tracy High as an amazing school.

Alexandra Rocha the new chemistry/Ag teacher.

“I wanted to be a vet, but I had an inspiring teacher back then. I love teaching and the first couple weeks of teaching have been a learning movement and I love all the kids I have,” said Rocha.

Catarina Sisk, the new social science teacher, said that history is very important to her and believes the history we have makes us who we are today.

Sisk said, “You have to love to what you do and you have accept both sides of the job the subject you teach and loving the children you teach.”

Sisk also said Tracy High has a rich culture and a really fun atmosphere.

Mr. Sanchez teaches the auto shop program. He loves the auto program and all the staff. His first job was a technician for 17 years, but then he became a teacher because an old friend asked him to be a teacher and here he is. He loves all the kids he has and loves when they have their “ah ha” moments.

Finally, we have Josh Jensen. He student taught for fellow English teacher Gary Henderson last year so he isn’t completely new. His first option wasn’t teaching because he wanted to pursue his music career. His advice to his younger self he would be:

“Stay out of trouble and pick your friends wisely and keep your grades up,” Jensen wanted to be a teacher at Tracy High because he was a Tracy High graduate and wanted to give back.

It was very exciting to talk the new teachers and all of the positivity and enthusiasm they have for Tracy High.