Orchestra’s First Concert of the Year


Amaya Armas, Staff Reporter

As the Tracy High Orchestra prepares for their upcoming Monte Vista Invitational Concert on Oct. 10 at 6PM, they rehearse the songs “Psycho” (Prelude) by Bernard Herrmann and “Agincourt” by Doug Spata, that they plan on performing.

The orchestra students have been rehearsing since the beginning of school in August to ensure a spectacular performance. The orchestra knows that performing in front of younger musicians will get these students more interested in auditioning to join the THS Performing Arts Magnet Program (PAM) as incoming freshman.

A lot of the THS orchestra students not only look forward to watching other schools perform, but perform in front of Monte Vista Middle school students and Williams middle school students, but also our town rival, West high school student. They also like the fact they can continue their tradition of dressing up in their Halloween costumes, instead of their usual formal black attire.

The orchestra’s consists of Violin 1s and 2s, Viola’s, Cellos, and Bass. As the director, Mr. Renner, chose pieces of music to assimilate a creepy and spooky sound, which Psycho and Agincourt bring.

Andrick Monti said, “I am really looking forward to performing Psycho, because it brings a creepy and fun energy that will have the crowd feeling a sense of spookiness.”

Irvin Liu says, “I’m really excited to be able to give an experience to our new freshman and class as a whole but most importantly to give an experience to the younger middle school musicians that will be seeing us perform. Our goal as the THS Orchestra is to not only encourage people to join PAM, but to show how Tracy High spirit is.”

As the students do practice in class, Liu said, “I’ve not only been rehearsing with the orchestra in first period, but I’ve also been also rehearsing at home with the recorded songs on my phone to get a better feel of the music and in the practice rooms in zero period Jazz band.”

As this is the first Orchestra concert for all of the Tracy District, everyone is competing to show each school what they have to offer. As Monte Vista MS performs first, Williams MS second, West HS third, and Tracy HS last.