Home Coming Spirit Week


Spirit week for homecoming has always been a big tradition for Tracy High.  Each day provides the opportunity for individuals and groups to express themselves.

The spirit day for Monday is sweater weather versus Beach Bums.

Brett Morris, a sophomore at Tracy High said, “Beach Bum. It’s an excuse to dress like a bum and not be judged when I’m reality you can just get out of bed, and not change, and go to school and no one will notice.”

The spirit day for Tuesday is April showers bring spooky hours.

William Hasten, a junior at Tracy High said, “It’s spooky season boys!”

Spooky season is the best season because everyone can get out their dark cloths, and costumes and wear them.  A lot of people wore skeleton shirts to school, and a few even wore costumes.

The spirit day for Wednesday is class colors.  This day is a day where you can wear your class shirt that is designed by the leadership class officers.  Class colors was put on Wednesday so everyone would be wearing their class colors during the night rally.

The spirit day for Thursday is game day.  Everyone can wear their favorite sports teams jersey, shirt, or other apparel.

Andre Orellana, a senior at Tracy High said, “my favorite sport is football and I am wearing my jersey.  It’s my favorite spirit day because I get to represent all the hard work I’ve put into the sport that I love.”

The spirit day for Friday is extreme green and gold.  This day gives the opportunity for people to go all out and show their school spirit.

Sydney Lanning a senior said, “I am excited for homecoming, I think that this is the best day.”

The week of homecoming is always an exciting one, and something that all can look forward too.