Female Athlete of the Month


Stella Myers, Contributor

October’s female athlete of the month is Jillian Fry. She is currently a freshman at Tracy High. This year is her first year on the JV water polo team. 

She decided to play because her older brother Caden Fry, who is a senior, started playing.

“It looked like a lot of fun and he started throwing balls at me when he was practicing so we started playing together,” Fry said. 

The JV girls have only lost one game.

“I have scored five goals so far this season,” Fry said.

Water polo conditioning started over the summer and the girls have worked really hard since then. They have to condition, learn how to play, and learn how to work together as a team. 

“Our season is going really good. I don’t think we’re better than varsity but so far we’re doing well,” Fry said. 

Fry can’t wait to teach the new freshman how to play next year. Fry also plays softball.

“I don’t know if I’m gonna do that this year, I might pole vault instead,” Fry said. 

Softball and track and field are during the same season and students can only play one sport per season. Pole vaulting is a field event that athletes compete in track and field.

Apart from sports, Fry is apart of the Ag Science program at Tracy High. 

“I had to pick a program and Ag seemed more interesting then doing AVID,” Fry said. Avid is another program that helps students with college. 

“It’s hard juggling school and sports as a freshman. Adjusting to high school and the homework load is hard, especially because you have to practice everyday and then you stay up late to do your homework. It’s really tiring,” Fry said. 

“Freshman year is really exciting though, there’s so much fun stuff to do,” Fry said. 

Playing sports you have lots of role models to look up to. 

“My role model is my brother Caden. He basically taught me how to play and he’s really good. My other role model would be Arianna Graziano because she’s a really good goalie and she’s super nice,” Fry said.

The JV girls favorite thing to do before a game is blast music on the bus ride.

“It really gets me into my game day zone. When we get there everyone is hyped up and ready to play,” Fry said.