Homecoming Dance


Abbygayle Frea, Staff Reporter

On the Oct. 18 after the game Tracy vs. Saint Marys football game; there was a homecoming dance that took place that day too. The dances usually take place the same day every year, but was this year a lot more fun?

“I had a good time at the dance because it was fun hanging out with my friends and dancing and singing to the different variety of songs,” said Cherrish Hills, a senior at Tracy High.

“Yes I had a lot of fun because I got to hang out with all my friends and dance with them the whole night,” said Jake Espinoza, a senior at Tracy High.

“Yeah I had a lot of fun, but I think it would have been fun if more of my friends came,” said Jewel Ellsworth, a senior at Tracy High.

”I had a lot of fun at this years dance. I think it’s because of the people I was with. They are really fun and can turn anything into a good time,” said Karalee Butler, a senior at Tracy High.

Some of the football players, cheerleaders, band, and leadership get out later during the football game and they only get a few hours to have fun at the dance.

“I don’t think the dance should be longer because after the game I was really hungry and tired so if it was any longer I felt like I would have been miserable,” said Hills.

“The dance should be longer because two hours is pretty short and everyone should be there longer to enjoy the year they have,” said Espinoza.

“I definitely believe that is should have been longer. The dances always seem to be so short but I understand if it is because it already goes until midnight,” said Ellsworth

“I don’t think the dance should have been longer. If it was any longer people would end up leaving anyways,” said Butler.

Since it was they have set up this dances every year usually some turn out to be really good experiences and some not so good.

“They did pretty good at the dance and the way it was set up,” said Hills.

“It was okay this year it was really hot and crowded like always,” said Espinoza.

“I think they did really well with the dance,” said Ellsworth.

”I think they did good this years dance. I like how they added the glow sticks,” said Butler.

When being at dance of course there has to be music or it wouldn’t be a dance.

“The music was pretty good but it could have been better,” said Hills.

“The music was good. They had a different variety of songs,” said Espinoza.

“Some of the song I heard play 2 to 3 times so maybe they should have more songs that are different so it’s not so repetitive,” said Ellsworth.

”The music was okay. Sometimes the songs would play for to long and people would end up getting bored. But other than that it was actually not that bad,” said Butler

Well homecoming definitely ended with a bang, having the homecoming dance being on the last day of homecoming. Hope everyone had fun and was able to groove out and enjoy their time with their friends. Also to be able to create new memories for their high school year.