Male Athlete of the Month


Luc Miceli, Contributor

Riley Revino is the male athlete of the month.  He ran for 119 yards on 19 carries, and ran for one touchdown.  He had two receptions for 48 yards. He also had seven kickoff returns for 121 yards.  He had a total of 167 total yards. 

On the defensive end, he had eight total tackles and 2 tackles for loss.  He also got a sack in the game against Lincoln for a 6 yard loss.

His success has helped the team by having successful drives on offense.  Revino still has improvements he wants to make.

Revino said,“ Some things I still want to improve on is team chemistry and communication with his teammates,” 

Revino is a huge part of the team and they need him to keep playing at a high level like he is.  So for Revino to continue to play at a high level he needs to keep his body healthy and keep learning as much about the game to become better.

 He prepares for the game by listening to music and stays focused on the game and his opponent.

Revino has personal goals but team goals is what matters to him.  The goals for the team is to make playoffs and go from there.

His teammates praise him for his great play.

“He’s fast, if he gets through the holes and finds space in the field he’s gone” said teammate Eli Quintana.

“Riley is the most dangerous part of the offense. If you give him the ball, he turns nothing into something” said Silver Archer Jr.

Revino is a big part of the offense and for this team to make the playoffs and then make a run in the playoffs, Revino will be very needed.  If Revino continues his play, this team has a good chance to make the playoffs.