Dance Team!


Abbygayle Frea

 The week of homecoming from Oct. 14-18 was really crazy for the team. They had to learn choreography, go to the rally practice, go to the parade, and do sidelines for the Tracy vs. Saint Marys on Friday. But there was some fun parts in it all and some stressful parts.

“Homecoming is one of my favorite week throughout the year. It’s very stressful because there is so much to do in one week but at the end of the day all the hard work paid off,” Daniela Ruiz, a junior on the Tracy High Dance Team.

“I really like homecoming, it’s one of my favorite events,” Alexia Alameda, a sophomore on the Tracy High Dance Team.

“I feel that homecoming was stressful and busy week, but it was all worth it and it turned out to be very fun,” said Cami Gotterburg, a junior on the Tracy High Dance Team.

“Homecoming is a really fun time and I love getting dressed up for spirit days and I love having the ability to perform not only at the night rally but at the football game as well,” said Annelise Pereira, a sophomore on the Tracy High Dance Team.

A lot of times while being on the Dance Team they are supposed to cheer for sidelines and get the crowd going and keep the energy positive, but they also get a close up view during the Night Rally for Homecoming.

“I did have fun being on the sidelines for the Homecoming Rally because it was fun to see all the clubs and all the different grade levels perform what they have been practicing for the last couple of weeks,” said Ruiz.

“I did like being on the sidelines for the rally because it was really cool to have a front row seat,” said Alameda.

“I had a lot of fun on the sidelines at the Homecoming Rally because it was easy to see the performers and get to the field when i had to perform,” said Gotterburg.

“It was very fun doing sidelines I was kind of sad we only go to perform once but cheering and yelling for the different performers was fun and exciting!” said Pereira.

The team also go to be on a float for the parade, in which was a lot of fun for them to be able to be in the parade.

“I love being in the parade we get to show the people of Tracy who we are and what we are part of and my favorite moment was helping put the last touches on the float, which looked amazing,” said Ruiz.

“ I enjoyed being in the parade, my favorite part was being able to make little kids smile by waving at them,” said Alameda.

“Being in the parade was such a cool experience, my favorite part is getting to see my friends in the crowd and to see the little kids faces light up when I wave to them,” said Gotterburg.

“The homecoming parade was very exciting and it was so cool to be able to see all my family and friends from the float. My favorite part of the parade was when all the balloons fell off the float I couldn’t stop laughing it was hilarious and it made it more fun,” said Pereira

As a team it seemed that most of the dancers on the Dance Team enjoyed their time during the week of homecoming! Hope the team has a good rest of the year. GO DOGS!