Royal Court


Marcus Corso, Reporter

Homecoming is a week that a lot of people look forward to, especially the seniors because it gives each kid a chance of being voted onto Royal Court. If you are voted to Royal Court, you are then given a chance to shine as the homecoming king or queen.

To get onto the ballot for a possibility on homecoming court, your name needs to be submitted by a club as a recommendation just one time. Then to get to Royal Court to your classmates need to vote for you, the Top 6 boys and girls end up on the Royal Court.

This year’s Royal Court nominees for the boys are Nate Stroup, Ricky Adams, Tejas Gill, Sean Johnson, Marc Mariano, Jawday Spikes. For the girls, Sami Leiberg, Asiya Amani, Astri Pulliam, Louise Fantone, Carly Winters and Jessica Cruz.

Royal Court is a great way to get the lesser known people to be known as well as shine some more light on the better known people. Royal Court gives a fair chance to all, it is a great way to get your name out throughout Tracy High School.

“It felt surreal to be on royal court, I didn’t expect to be on it, so I was surprised when i found out! Being on Royal Court meant a lot to me, I felt so loved and honored that my classmates voted for me to be on it! It’s an experience I’ll never forget!” Said Astri Pulliam.

It was really cool being in royal court and getting to hang out with the other people in the court. we had a really fun time getting ready for the rally and i feel really grateful that my classmates feel like I deserved to be on court and be queen,” said Homecoming Queen Sami Lieberg. 

Royal Court is a great thing and brings a lot of unexpected people together!