Powder Puff


Marcus Corso, Staff Reporter

WIth homecoming coming along, that means a lot of Tracy High Football. With homecoming football, it means the great annual Powder Puff game.

Powder Puff is a football game that is given to the girls to get a hit close to Friday night lights. Although it is mainly for fun, a lot of girls take this justbas serious as the boys.

This year the Tracy High 2020 girls will go against the Tracy High 2021 girls. Last year’s class of 2020 beat the 2019 girls so 2020 should be looking for another win.

The game was played on Thursday, Oct. 14. The Class of 2020 girls had ended up coming on top, beating the 2021 girls 21-14.

The score was kept close throughout the whole game and the 2021 girls were not giving up and they wanted the win just as bad. The 2020 girls ended up with a big play that would ultimately end up winning the game for them.

“I think the Juniors did amazing, we competed well and played as a team. We kept the Seniors on their toes and made them work hard. We also had a lot of fun and everyone was so happy with how we played after. I enjoyed the game because it made me closer to the girls in my class and I also got to play against a few of my best friends in the senior class,” said junior quarterback Aaliyah Jenkins.

“The Seniors in the powderpuff game did great, our defense was on lock and our offense ended up coming through for yet another win. I enjoy powderpuff every year, it gives us girls an opportunity to be gritty. I mostly enjoyed it since the 2020 class had won powderpuff two years in a row,” said senior quarterback Mikaela Ward.

This years powderpuff game went great – avoiding all possible injuries. Next year, we hope you attend as either a player coach or cheerleader!