Homecoming Parade


Stella Myers, Staff Reporter

The homecoming day parade is one of the most memorable parts of homecoming.  On Oct. 18, Tracy High had their annual homecoming day parade. School is released early so students can walk downtown and get their spots to watch. 

A lot of hard work goes into making the parade run smoothly. For two weeks students attend flower parties to help make the class floats. They work on the skirts and all the props that go on the float. 

The students that attend all the flower parties get to get out of class the day of homecoming to help build the floats. The students work hard all day to build the floats and get them ready for the parade. 

“While building the floats there’s a lot of painting and drawing involved in a bunch of different parts of the float. We also have to organize everything on the float,” senior Marina Parker said. 

Parker has been participating in float building since her sophomore year.

“I wanted to do it because I participated in sophomore and junior year and I really wanted to do it my last year. It’s a really fun experience with my friends,” Parker said. 

Parker loves watching the floats during the parade. 

“The parade is better because we get to see the finished product and see the pieces we made,” Parker said. 

The students love different parts of the parade. Different clubs, band,  sweethearts and their escorts, princes and princesses, and the royal court walk in the parade. Also marching bands from the middle schools will march in the parade

“I love going to the parade each year with my friends. It’s so fun watching all the class floats,” junior Ashley Evans said. 

“I was excited to go to my first parade. It’s something I’m going to look towards every year. Watching all the different clubs is so fun,” freshman Sophia Myers said. 

The parade is something students, parents, and alumni come to watch or participate in each year.