National FFA Convention

Lindsey Ferreira, Staff Reporter

 This year Tracy High FFA Chapter is traveling to Indiana for the 92nd National FFA Convention. Our chapter is bringing over 10 students to Indianapolis. Tracy FFA usually goes every other year. I attended the National FFA Convention in 2017. I personally loved it! I had such a blast meeting other FFA members from all over America.

A few students spoke about going this year.

Kayla Rocha, a junior and Tracy High’s Current Vice President for our FFA Chapter said, “I’m excited to meet new members of the FFA organization, this will be the only year I can attend this Convention since we do this every other year.” 

Seraphina Souza, also a junior and Tracy FFA’s sentinel, added to what Rocha said, “I’m so grateful to be in this organization the opportunities to meet other members who love the FFA organization like myself is amazing.”

The members who are leaving to the National FFA Convention are also attending a Brett Young Concert hosted by the FFA Organization. Another activity the students are going to see is a Rodeo also hosted by the National FFA Organization. The FFA members of the Tracy chapter are also going to Washington D.C after the convention. 

Mrs. Kelley, the Tracy FFA Chapter advisor said, “From Oct. 30 to Nov. 2 the capital of Indiana is taken over by the blue and gold jackets.  It’s a sight to see!” 

Rocha added, “It’s an experience of a life time and everyone should experience it!”

The members attending the convention will be flying out of San Francisco all dressed in official dress for California. The members attending the National FFA Convention are Madison Kelley, Seraphina Souza, Hayden Andrade, Kayla Rocha, Giavanna Alegre, Taylor Lynn, Anthony Santiago, Alyssa Cason-Barnes, and Makenzie Saenz.

This convention is a wonderful way to get your name out in the Agriculture world. As a member of the FFA organization, I’m grateful for all of the experiences and opportunities this organization has offered me. This year will be the 92nd National FFA Convention. At the convention, there is a college fair where colleges all over America come to represent themselves and try to encourage students to join their schools. Tracy FFA is very excited to make memories that will last a lifetime.