FFA Block T’s


Linsdey Ferreira, Staff Reporter

Tracy High FFA has recently announced they will now have their own FFA Block T’s for community service. The FFA block T’s are donated by Souza Realty and Development. The reason FFA bought block T’s is because Tracy High Leadership does not give them out any longer.

 A couple of the FFA officers, Seraphina Souza a junior at THS and the sentinel for Tracy High FFA chapter and Kayla Rocha’s junior and Tracy High FFA’s Vice President, were excited about the idea.

The Tracy FFA chapter wanted to change this the requirements for the FFA block T’s are the following, over 100+ hours of community service. Another requirement is that students must receive the California state degree for FFA. Another requirement is that you have to be enrolled in a AG class to be eligible for the FFA block T’s. 

Souza said, “I’m very excited for the FFA block T’s I’m looking forward to see my FFA block T on my letterman jacket.”

Rocha said, “ This really motivates my passion for community service!” 

The business that donated the FFA block T’s is honored to help out the Future Farmers of America organization. They hope this donation will motivate students to help out their community more. The Souza Realty and Development are currently the managers for Tracy’s new housing development called Tracy Hills. 

Souza said she’s “excited to see more FFA patches on her letterman jacket.”

Rocha said that she believes it’s “not too difficult to earn over 100 community service hours for the block T’s.”

These requires are very possible if you start from freshman year you can easily get your block T by junior year. As of right now it’s not confirmed if the Tracy High FFA block will be Corn gold and navy blue or like the old leadership Block T’s colors! If your interested in receiving a Tracy High FFA Block T, speak to one of the AG teachers or FFA officers