Tracy High’s Young Auto-Mechanic Program


Silver Archer Jr, Staff Reporter

This year at Tracy High the Auto-Mechanic Program in under new leadership with Mr.Wong retiring after teacher the program for close to four decades.

This year Mr. Sanchez is teaching the Auto-Mechanic Program. Sanchez has more then a few goals to restore the program to its former glory days. One of Sanchez’s bigger goals are to go to the nearby middle schools and hope to increase the interest by the younger crowds to get more students into joining the program.

Other plans that Sanchez has for the auto program is going to car shows like every first Saturday of the month. They have a cars and coffee show. Sanchez is looking to set up a booth at that show and maybe even set up a display in the quad. Sanchez has also been working with Tracy Ford to get a field trip to their shop and have employers  come into class and talk about the high demand for auto-mechanics since a lot of the baby-boomers are retiring and there are not enough young people interested in working on cars to fix the decreasing population of auto-mechanics.

This year there is also going to be a Auto Club where they are going to the car shows with cars they work on every Wednesday after school. Sanchez has been working on cars and motorcycles professionally for 38 years while even before that he has been working on bikes and other stuff so this shows he has experience in all fields of auto-mechanics.

Back in the early days there were not a lot of choices in motorcycle choices so they modified them to there own personal riding style. Right now in the auto garage, there are a wide collection of cars included in the Tracy High auto program. These cars are included from a 1964 Rivera to newer cars that us students drive everyday. We work on all types of cars and models in there.