Girls Volleyball Wins Section Title!


Amaya Armas, Staff Reporter

As the Tracy High volleyball team competed its way through playoffs, the girls continued to win, getting themselves a bid in state playoffs. The girls have played Rodrigez High School on Oct. 29 (17th seed), Buhach Colony on Oct. 31 (9th seed), Vacaville on Nov. 5 (4th seed), and Lincoln (3rd seed) on Nov. 9, winning the Section finals.

The volleyball team felt having the band’s amazing energy for the first 3 games helped the them have a motivating and fun vibe throughout the playoffs.”

Natalie Laiolo said, “Our band motivates us as well as seeing a large crowd. We love to play not only for our teammates and our school but our fans that dedicate their late weeknights to coming to watch us play. We can never thank them enough for all their support of THS volleyball.”

As the girls have made it as far as the semi-finals, with each game they have faced challenge and doubt but have proven them wrong. Being the number one seed they hold a lot of weight on their shoulders and continue to hold their heads up with confidence.

Laiolo followed up with, “All teams playing against us want to beat us. We have a bigger target on our backs being the number one seed and received each teams best game play. Which encourages us to fight back just as hard to secure our seed.”

“Something that I have noticed that our biggest challenge we’ve faced so far is adversity of middles from other teams. Since we do not get as much experience in blocking them or reading them like we did in league teams we faced,” said Leila Sardinha.

The THS volleyball team has been so successful in playoffs because the girls have maintained their efforts and consistent energy through the whole season, as we seen through their schedule and stats. Going based off their last game, Coach Cat decides the drills that are determined by what the lacked in the past game. As communication is a big key to ensure every play is clean and consistent. As each team mate wants to ensure they better one another they continue to intensify the practices to ensure they are challenged in order to get better.

Laiolo said, “We are focusing on sections first and then will change our mindset to state. Ideally this is our main goal at the end of the day, which is a big accomplishment. But to ensure success we take it a game at a time. Everyone is very excited and proud of what we have accomplished.”