Mental Health Awareness Club


Luc Miceli, Contributor

The Mental Health Awareness Club is run by Christian Labasan and Carly Winters. 

The club does different things like make signs to put around the school and have conversations on mental health.

Labasan wanted to start the club for his interest in the mental health aspect of medicine, specifically the field of psychiatry, so he wanted to do something that involved spreading awareness on mental health issues that many people deal with.

He always wanted to make a club and make a positive impact in the community.

When you join Mental Health Awareness, you join a group of students who want to make a difference within their community and get serious about real issues that students deal with.

The goal for the club is to spread awareness on mental health issues in Tracy high and the rest of the community.

Specifically they focus on mental health issues that students face. 

They hold meetings to discuss mental health and make posters with positive motivational messages to put around the school.

The club is a safe environment for anyone to join.  Anyone can go the club meetings. Club meetings are on the first Monday of the month.

Carly Winters e favorite part of the club is to “…gain awareness from the club and diminish stigma and to show they are opposite.”

Quyhn Trosiens favorite part of the club is, “being able to help others.”

The club really wants a message to be known that mental health is a serious subject that some people truly face issues.  The club wants to be able to help people directly and indirectly.

The club had a project where they would write positive messages on wooden clips.  At school they clipped them on to random students backpacks. Simple things like this can make someone’s entire day.