Happy Thanksgiving!


Abbygayle Frea, Staff Reporter

It is almost time for Thanksgiving break, when families cook dinner, get together and play games, and tell each other how thankful they are for each other. Some students have already made plans for Nov. 23-30.

A lot of students are also very excited to be off for a week.

“Yes, I enjoy Thanksgiving a lot it’s amazing to get together with my family and eat together with my family and eat a variety of foods,” said Edgar Farias Gutierrez, a senior at Tracy High.

“I love Thanksgiving, it’s the time were the whole family comes over and we just enjoy each other’s company,” said Lizzette Aguirre, a senior at Tracy High.

“Yes, I enjoy thanksgiving, because I get to see my family that I rarely see through out the year,” said Ashley Briones, a senior at Tracy High. 

“Yes, I really do enjoy thanksgiving, because that’s the time my family gets together and family I haven’t seen in a really long time,” said Jahdai Spikes, a senior at Tracy High. 

Most of the time during Thanksgiving different families celebrate a tradition they have for their ethnicity or even just something that they always do for Thanksgiving. 

“Yes, we have traditions. Most of my family on my mom’s side all meet in Arizona for a week to spend time  together,” said Gutierrez.

“Every year we go to my Tia Hildas house and help her set up everything,” said Aguirre 

“My family tradition would be to always spend Thanksgiving at my grandma’s house,” said Briones. 

“ My family tradition that we have is usually with our cooking and we all join together and just say what we’re thankful for,” said Spikes.

Everyone knows that for Thanksgiving it’s mostly based off of food. 

“Yes we eat lots and lots of food it usually consist of ham, mashed potatoes and a salad,” said Gutierrez.

“We eat a lot of food. All the food we eat though is all homemade. One thing we have is chicken enchiladas,” said Aguirre. 

“Yes, we do eat a lot of food. Traditional food would be turkey, mashed potatoes,salad and pie,” said Briones. 

“Yes, we eat tons of food, for a tradition with food it’s usually turkey or ham with mashed potatoes and pie,” said Spikes.

For Thanksgiving sually a family will play board games, or even just games in general. 

“We play many card games consisting of poker and blackjack and game called Loteria,” said Gutierrez.

“We play card games or we go to the game room and play Call Of Duty with everyone,” said Aguirre.

“Games for Thanksgiving could be UNO and Liars Dice,” said Briones.

“For a game we usually will do karaoke as a fun game to play a whole bunch of board games to it’s never the same game every year it usually changes.

Thanksgiving break is coming up and that’s the time for students to relax and get to see their family that live far away or even if they never get to see them. Hope everyone enjoys their thanksgiving break!