Black Friday

Black Friday

Abbygayle Frea

During the week of Thanksgiving Break every year, sales start to appear and people get prepared to do Christmas shopping because on the Nov. 28 is Black Friday. 

“Yes I am. I’m most likely going to go to stores at the mall such as Macy’s, Target,and Jcpenny,” said Maryam Fields, a senior at Tracy High.

“I’m not able to go to Black Friday, but I do wish I could go so I can experience what it’s like during Black Friday,” said Isa Lapachet, a sophomore at Tracy High.

“I may go to Black Friday. I most likely would go to Walmart and Best Buy,” said Jason Martinez, a senior at Tracy High.

“I may go to Black Friday. I most likely will go to Target or Best Buy,” said Vivica Madrigal, a senior at Tracy High.

When someone goes to Black Friday they usually already know what they are buying at whatever store there going to.

“I really wanted to get clothes or even some shoes front when different stores that I’m going to,” said Fields.

“If I were to go to Black Friday, I would want to get the new phone, a laptop, or even just random stuff but nothing super specific,” said Lapachet.

“I would want to get a TV or even the new IPhone 11 since it’ll be on sale,” said Martinez.

“I would want to buy the new iPhone 11 from Best Buy or even a pair of AirPods Pro from Target,” said Madrigal.

When going to Black Friday people have a set plan or even a routine where their wanting to go how there gonna get the items they want before the item runs out, and etc.

“I don’t necessarily have a set plan or a routine before going to Black Friday, but one thing I make sure to do is bundle up with warm clothes because it’s the time of the year and it’s going to be freezing,” said Fields.

“I haven’t had a routine or a plan in the past we usually just go in and get the items we want and leave, but usually the places I go to aren’t that packed,” said Lapachet.

“I have no routine or a plan in place to go to Black Friday, it might be something to consider though,” said Martinez.

“I don’t really have a routine for Black Friday, I’m just going to go in with an item I want in mind then head out,” said Madrigal.

Every one usually goes with their family or friends so then there night fighting the crowd by themselves.

“I always go to Black Friday with my family,” said Fields.

“I don’t have people to go with since I’m not going but I would most likely go with my family or even my best friends,” said Lapachet.

“I intend to go with my family to Black Friday,” said Martinez.

“I intend to go with my Family to Black Friday which will be better than going by myself,” said Madrigal.

Black Friday is coming up soon on Nov 28 and it’s usually the craziest even that happens on Thanksgiving. Anyone that’s going make sure to stay safe and have fun shopping!