Soccer Startup


Michael Noll, Contributor

This is going to be a very exciting season for both the boys and girls soccer teams.  They look really good from tryouts, and their first couple of practices.

Bailey Gualco, a sophomore on girls varsity said, “Our team looks really great!  We have super high expectations and are hoping not to have any losses. Another league championship is expected.  Without playoffs and including preseason, we play 16 games. I am very excited, especially after meeting all the new girls and skills that are brought to our team.  18 girls made the varsity team this year.”

The girls varsity team is so good this year.  They should go undefeated and destroy everyone in their league.  This is going to be another championship team full of passion, heart, and skill.

The girl make a special bond and mesh very well.  You can see this by the way that they cooperate, and communicate with each other at practice.

Matthew Giuliacci, a senior on boys varsity said, “I’m excited for the soccer season coming up.  It’s always fun to play; the coaching, the teammates, and the competition is always fun. We look really good, we have the potential to have extremely good team play, work together, and keep the ball moving.”

21 boys made the varsity team and they are all ecstatic for a strong season full of wins.

Most of them have been playing soccer with each other for years giving them the natural team chemistry that is necessary to play well.

They have a really good shot at becoming league champions and doing good in playoffs.

Come out to a game if you get a chance.  It’ll be worth it.  The first girls varsity game is on December 3rd at 7:00 P.M. at Tracy High.  The First varsity boys game is December 4th at 6:00 P.M. at Tracy High.