School Start Time Change


Michael Noll, Contributor

California Governor Gavin Newson signed the California Bill 328 that requires high schools to begin classes no earlier then 8:30 A.M., and middle schools at 8 A.M.  There were previously two unsuccessful attempts to pass this bill in 2017 and 2018.  This will still allow for zero periods but will not be put into action until 2022.

The new school start time in California does not have any benefit to the students and the kids that will be affected by it.  Not even the parents would benefit from this.  

All that it is doing is pushing everyone’s day half an hour back.

It is supposed to give kids more sleep, but they are just going to stay up half an hour later because they can sleep half an hour longer in the morning. 

Sports practices and extracurricular activities will still last as long as normal, but it will be half an hour later then it used to be.

This has a negative affect on a lot of families because some parents struggle to get their kids to school by eight o’clock because they need to be on time for work.  This will cause parents to drop their kids off at school even earlier than before.

You can’t change the school start time without also changing the work start times, which no one will stand for.

Ryan Knight, a senior at Tracy High said, “In my opinion, people would just end up staying up later and waking up later.”  

This will mess up almost everyone’s sleep schedule.  Unless they kept the same one and lost a half hour to their day.

Caden Fry, a senior at Tracy High said, “It is going to be much more difficult to find time for after school activities.  People will just go to bed later, waking up later doing homework.”

California would have to move the hours allowed for high school students to work back half an hour along with this law in order for people to work the same amount of hours.

Adam Montoya, a junior at Tracy High said, “I work only 3 hours right now and if it gets moved forward I will be making less with hours of work.  We will have less to do our long essays for school.”

You can’t forget about the sports that do not play with stadium lights.  Instead of missing some of fifth and all of sixth period, they will have to miss some of if not all of fourth, fifth, and sixth period in order to get their games done before dark, or they will have to move their games to weekends.