Science Camp Cabin Leadership Opportunity


Stella Myers, Contributor

Students from Tracy High just went to science camp and had the opportunity to be cabin leaders. Juniors and seniors are eligible to sign up to go to science camp for a week. It’s common that fifth and sixth graders attend science camp and the high school students are there cabin leaders.

Senior Jesus Luna went for the first time as a leader. 

“We went to Jones Gulch. It was a great experience for me because I loved my cabin as a kid and now I got to follow in his footsteps. We hiked a lot and I enjoyed playing games with the kids,” Luna said. 

Luna took on a lot of responsibility since he was in charge of the kids in his cabin. 

“I feel like I taught them a lot about responsibility. We really bonded during the week. We did everything together and I learned a lot. It’s a great learning experience,” Luna said. 

Out of all the activities they do during the week, Luna’s was the beach day. 

“We saw a bunch of crabs and starfish. It was super cool. We also had a campfire once we were back at camp,” Luna said.

One of the biggest things is no technology at camp, it’s all about nature. 

“We didn’t have service so I couldn’t go on my phone a lot. It’s relaxing not going on your phone for a week. You don’t think about the things you usually do like school and what other people are doing,” Luna said. 

After taking care of a group of kids for a week Luna was exhausted. 

“I felt like an old man! I felt so grown up with them,” Luna explained. 

Luna learned many songs during his time there. 

“To be a good cabin leader you have show discipline but also be goofy and fun with the kids. You were a sixth grader once so you know how patient you have to be with the kids,” Luna said.

There are more experiences to sign up and go to science camp. Ellen Raco, the human physiology teacher is in charge of the sign ups. Keep an eye out for announcements.