Male Athlete of the Month


Stella Myers, Contributor

Tracy High’s male athlete of the month is Landon Marks. Marks is a senior at Tracy High and has been playing water polo for three years and has swam for two years.

“I play wing. Our season wasn’t great this year. I love waterpolo though because of the bonds I have with my teammates,” Marks said.

The waterpolo season starts with summer conditioning and ends in October. It’s a lot of hard work during that time period.

“To help us get through the season the captains do a lot.Our captains help motivate us and they get us through the drills so we know how to properly play our positions,” Marks said.

This year Marks wants to try something new and try out for the boys volleyball team. The tracy high boys volleyball team was started last year. This year will be the second year they will be competing. 

“Even though volleyball and swimming are during the same season, I really want to try out and try something new for my senior year,” Marks said. 

Between water polo and swim, Marks enjoys waterpolo more. 

“I like waterpolo more because it’s an actual game and it’s really fun to play. Swim is boring compared to water polo. I do swim to build my speed for water polo,” Marks said. 

Swim helps Marks stay in shape during his off season from water polo. He got into water polo from his uncle who also played water polo for tracy high. 

“He definitely inspired me to play. It’s been really fun ever since,” Marks said.

Marks’ next step is college. He still doesn’t know if he will continue to play in college. 

“Hopefully I will continue to play. If I get an offer I will for sure play in college,” Marks said. 

He wants to major in aviation. 

“I want to be a pilot. I want to go to Sacramento State or San Jose State,” Marks said.