Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Kaylee McMillan, Contributor

Fall is upon us and colors are changing. From the vibrant bright colors of summer we are now brought with the deep colors of fall. The leaves are falling, the weather is cooling down, and the air gets a bit more crisp. 

Fashion of fall is one of the best transitions of the year. The comfort of a fall outfit brings warmth to many, and the creative side of someone can burst out to the world with the season upon us. 

Around Tracy High, nobody’s style is exactly same. People have different go to outfits for the season which makes everyone so unique. 

“My favorite fall outfit to dress in is a nice pair of lulu lemon leggings of any color, a warm jacket that is fur lined, and a pair of ugg boots or ugg slippers,” said Kaylee Anderson, a junior at Tracy High.

When you wake up in the morning and look out your window what do you see? A cloudy sky, the slightest bit of fog or even the tiniest bit of frost on the windshield of your car? You dress as if it might be the coldest day ever, then first or second lunch hits and boom. A droplet of sweat drips down ones forehead. Some may feel annoyed and some may feel happy…

“When I wake up, I just hope it’s a cold day. The hot weather has gone on for too long, and the outfits I pick out the night before are always suitable for the cold. I find it frustrating that I have to change midway through the day due to the weather,” said Anderson.

The colors of fall represent what we see around the world. As we watch the little leaf turn from green, to yellow, to burnt red. We fall in love with the colors of fall. What is one’s go to fall colors?

“My fall colors range from my mood of the day. If im feeling warm and bright, I will use deep pinks and purples, but if I am in the mood for dark, deep oranges and wine reds are the move,” Said Anderson.

Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Kim Kardashian… all fashion icons, but who are the students fashion icons? Who inspires the students outfit choices? 

“I am unique and have my own style, and I never necessarily look up to someone for their fashion sense, but I do look at ideas on the internet from random people for fashion,” said Anderson. 

As you look around and see all the beautiful fall fashion, give someone a compliment, make their day by complimenting the hard work they put into their amazing outfits of fall.