Cheer Tumbles Into Basketball


Kaylee McMillan, Contributor

Nov. 25 at Tracy High School the THS basketball players will take on West at the first home game of the season. The moment they’ve all been waiting for, the moment they’ve worked hard for. On the side of the basketball players grinding hard work and dedication, the cheerleaders will take a week break to breath and jump straight into basketball season the following week. 

The preparation for a cheerleader transitioning into basketball season after football season is quick and rapid. In this time, they learn new routines, stronger and safer stunt technique, as well as new cheers. 

As basketball season approaches there is tons of excitement for the new opportunities that it will bring to each and every cheerleader.

“I am most excited for watching our basketball players take on a whole new season and I’m excited for the basketball cheers that get the crowd more engaged with what’s going on,” said sophomore cheerleader Makena Andora.

As most know, football and basketball are completely different, and for cheer, that includes different cheers. As they learn cheers it must be hard to memorize unless you have certain techniques.

“With constant practice and dedication, I always take videos of people doing the cheers I am uneasy on so I can work on them outside of practice and games,” said Andora.

We all have preferences in all aspects of life. What is better, rice or beans? What is better for a cheerleader, basketball season or football season?

“I prefer football season. Reasons being is because the Friday Night Lights and the crowd is much more alive than a basketball game, and I get to cheer on my boys during football,” said Andora.

It’s always the best feeling in the world to an athlete to see the crowd super enthusiastic as they do the sport they love doing most. What is the best thing a cheerleader can do to bring that onto a crowd when it might seem a little dead?

“The way I hype up a crowd at a basketball game include cheering super loud, calling defense cheers so they are aware that we want the ball back, and killing our halftime,” said Andora.

With the basketball team having about 8 set home games everyone is encouraged to come and support the bulldogs!