Girls Treat


Marcus Corso, Staff Reporter

Annually, Tracy high has had Girls Treat Formal. Girls Treat is a prom-;like dance that gives a change and has the girl asks the boy instead of a boy asking the girl.

The formal events such as these are memorable for the students and for the parents as well. Parents take pictures of their children before watching them go to their first formal dance of the year.

Dressing up is one of the main parts of attending a formal dance. Girls go all out and wear fancy dresses, while boys wear suits or tuxedos.

Girls Treat is a great chance to go off with a group of your friends, have a nice dinner and enjoy the night. Girls Treat is around the same time every year, falling between the first or second week of December. This year Girls Treat falls on Saturday, Dec. 7.

The day is a great time to meet new people with your group as well as hang around some old friends. Usually after a nice dinner, you can go and enjoy the dance at Tracy High School in the cafeteria. The dance this year starts at 10:oo pm and should end around 12:00, midnight. Girls Treat is a great experience, everyone should get a chance to enjoy themselves for the night.

Senior Haley Bettancourt said, “GT in the past was hasn’t been the greatest, this year I’m looking for a change and am kind of looking forward to it. My favorite part is seeing everyone and their dates get dressed up.”

“GT for me has always been fun. I’ve always had a great time before and during with my friends as well as being at the dance with all of them. I feel like every person should experience Girls Treat, ” said senior leadership student Brianna Rodriguez.

Girls Treat this year should be quite fun. The theme is magical. Stay safe and have a wonderful Girls Treat!