Senior Night


Marcus Corso, Staff Reporter

As the end of the football season approaches, it means that this year’s senior football , cheer, dance and band members will be able to look forward to Senior Night. Through the years and sports watched, freshman have watched friends or family go through Senior Night and as a senior it’s finally their turn.

This year’s Senior Night was on Nov. 1 against West High School. Seniors got a ceremony before the game with their guardian being able to escort them to their last game at Tracy High School.

Among the four groups, there were about 50 seniors who were all able to get escorted on Senior Night.

Senior Night is a great opportunity to be honored for the activity you do and the contribution you have made towards that group. Everyone should get a chance to be honored on Senior Night.

“Senior Night was a great night. It meant a lot as this is my fourth year cheering and it sadly coming to an end,” said varsity cheerleader Madison Bejines.

Senior Night gives not only the football players the spotlight, but everyone else who is there cheering them on in their own uniforms.

Varsity football player Kyle Silveira said, “Senior Night was pretty fun. After watching others walk before me, I was happy for it to be my turn. Senior night meant a lot to me because I’ve been playing football for four years. I’m sorry it came to an end, but I had a great time with all my buddies.”

Senior night is definitely something that should be part of the high school experience. If you can join a club or a team, you should so you can get recognized for it and have fun and enjoy yourselves with your fellow teammates and classmates.