Orchestra Making Progress


Amaya Armas, Staff Reporter

Working diligently since the last concert on Oct. 10, the Tracy High orchestra has been working on a number of different song such as: Psycho (Prelude) by Bernard Herrmann, Shattered by Michael Hopkins, Waltz No. 2 Dmitri Shostakovich, Allegro in D for Strings by Antonio Vivaldi, Contrasts in E minor by Francis L. Feese, and Agincourt by Doug Spata.

Knowing the students had the whole Thanksgiving break without practice with the orchestras a whole, they were only able to practice at home and wait to practice together the last rehearsal before the concert on Monday morning.

Josie Natarajan, senior violinist, said, “As a group I think we advanced a lot in technique for this performance. With more time to practice and work together on the pieces, we definitely improved from our first performance.”

Being able to practice during rehersal the group is able to analyze their weaknesses and figure out what they need to improve on. It’s also important to critique things that could be better for next performances. As this is all a learning process.

Alex Admiral, senior violinist, said, “Since our last performance, I improved on going in the right bowing direction to match up with everyone else. Knowing this, what I hope to improve for the next concert going forward is improving on next time is going the correct tempo because I felt like I was off a few times.”

As we get closer to a longer break to celebrate the winter holidays, students find it important to continue to practice to prevent skills being forgotten or laziness. The students already receiving their music for the next upcoming concerts one being the All District Music Festival at West high and their Spring concert they hav two packets filled of music to get a head start on.

Natarajan said, “For our next concert, I’m really looking forward to playing more complicated pieces as our group advances in skill. Not only do I love a challenge but I think it will benefit the group a lot.”

As the students progress through the year, they are all eager to get better and excel in their musical journey!