Dance Team Basketball Season


Abbygayle Frea, Staff Reporter

Basketball season has already started and the Dance Team has already had one Basketball game (Tracy vs. Kimball) on Dec. 10. Some of the girls on the dance team was so nervous for it being the first basketball game.

“I’m so excited to start basketball because I feel like the crowd can really see our techniques and our facials. It shows how hard we work as a team. It’s super exciting to start another new opportunity with the dance team and have it be inside,” said Emerson Leiske, a freshman on the Dance Team.

“I am so excited for basketball season! No more standing in the cold,” said Averie Ireland, a freshman on the Dance Team.

“I am very excited about basketball season since it gives me time to watch the basketball game with my friends,” said Jacquieline Smith, a sophomore on the Dance Team.

“I’m really excited about basketball season starting,” said Alexis Dunn, a junior on the Dance Team.

There is a big team bonding happening before Winter Break, and a lot of the girls are really excited to go.

“I am super excited to not only hang out with the team, but give back to people in need. We always see each other in more serious and focused manner so have a fun Christmas party will be a great bonding course time for us,” said Leiske.

“I can’t wait for the team Christmas party. I love Christmas and the holiday, I also love hanging out with everyone,” said Ireland.

“Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the Christmas Party but if I could , I would look forward to hanging out with everyone and learning different Christmas traditions,” said Smith.

“I really wish I could be there and I’m happy that I am able to contribute to those that are less fortunate,” said Dunn.

There is a lot of girls that have been on the team for a couple of years, but there are a lot of girls who just joined the team this year and have already started making ideas on what basketball season is going to be like.

“I feel like we can improve and show the crowd how far we have come as dancers. Not only to entertain the crowd but to feel really good about our performances. It’s a new opportunity and I hope I learn new things about basketball as well,” said Leiske.

“With basketball starting , I am hopeful that we will win a lot and it’s such a change from football,” said Ireland.

“I am looking forward to having a calm and less stressful time of year,” said Smith.

“I want to bond more with the team I feel like over the season I really haven’t bonded as much and as well as I would have liked to,” said Dunn.

But right after basketball season, Dance Team will be over and basketball season will be over soon too.

“I am sad to see the season ending because I have gotten close with our seniors this I know that next year I will try out again and make another amazing year of memories with the team,” said Leiske.

“I am so sad another season is ending soon. I have made forever best friends from the Dance Team, and endless memories,” said Ireland.

“I am very sad that all of the seniors will be leaving and the team won’t be as close as we are during the season, but my goal is to cherish every memory I create with the team before the season ends,” said Smith.

“I’m sad that the season is almost over, it went by really fast,” said Dunn.

Basketball season has started and Dance Team seemed to enjoy their first game. Hope the Dance Team creates a lot more memories before the year is up. Good luck ladies!