Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month

Silver Archer Jr, Staff Reporter

For the month of December, the athlete selected is Jose Avilos. Avilos is a senior captain on the Tracy High Soccer team.

During the summer, Avilos worked hard on his craft and went all out for his competitive team. As captain, Avilos tries to lead everyone to do the right thing to reach their goals. Before every game of the season, Avilos prayed.

Avilos said, “I pray everything goes good and no one gets hurt.”

Avilos is such a good teammate and good sport to his opponents when he plays on the field. Avilos is someone who will always have your back and make sure he gives his all on every play and try his best to help his team wins.

Avilos is a captain for the Tracy High soccer team for a reason. These reasons are because he leads by example, he takes every game seriously and he will never give up on a game.

Avilos plans on playing soccer somewhere after high school. His goal is to play for as long as he can and hopefully one day play in the World Cup. Avilos has big hopes, but with his hard work and attitude, he can train and attain his dream to make it to the World Cup.