Boys Basketball


Marcus Corso, Reporter

Basketball season is starting up again which means our Hoopla and a lot of close and fun games to sit and watch in Dog Pound.

The Tracy High School Boys Basketball is off to a hot start yet again. In their last 8 games they have been able to come home with 5 good wins and 3 close losses.

The preseason schedule seems a little difficult, but Tracy has a very good team and is keeping every single game close. These games are extremely fun to watch and gives the fans a bang for their buck!

Rasheed Asaf and Tommy Chaves are the two highest scorers on the team. Blowing through teams, those two have been key contributors to Tracy High’s success.

Tracy’s next basketball game will be the start of league. They will play Lodi High School and will have no easy path from here on out against their competition.

A lot of students as well as parents really do enjoy the game and really love attending the games.

Senior student, Degvir Dhami said, “I enjoy the intensity coming from each game makes it worthwhile to watch. I enjoy each game I attend because when I see good players like Rasheed play it makes the game very interesting. The game I look forward to most is Tracy playing against West.”

Junior basketball player Kyle Corona said, “I’m really excited for basketball this year. I believe that we will be a good team again and we are hoping to go to the playoffs for the third straight year. I also am very excited for the home game against West because that is one of the biggest games we host as crosstown rivals.”

“I look forward to basketball season all year long. In the summer, we start putting the work in to get ready for another playoff push. During football season time goes by so slow and I can’t wait for basketball season,” said senior basketball player Daniel Spencer.