Happy New Year!


Marcus Corso, Reporter

As we approach the beginning of finals and the start of Christmas break, this means that the New Year is just around the corner. This New Year’s is going to be a big one too, 2020!

New Year’s is a great time to enjoy with family as well as friends and to party hard and have a good time celebrating the new year. The new year also brings a lot of great times and new beginnings.

New Year’s is celebrated by multiple cultures around the world in every possible way. In America specifically, we celebrate it on Jan. 1 and there is always a ball drop at 12:00am on the first tick of January.

For New Year’s, multiple parties are held throughout the country and usually start Dec. 3, often going all the way until the very early morning of Jan. New Year’s is a very easy excuse to have a good time to start off the year.

A lot of people have different feelings for New Year’s. For me specifically, I love New Year’s. My favorite times of year to look at enjoy with my family and friends and always have a good time.

Senior Justin Misfeldt said, “I really do love New Year’s. I am able to start my New Year’s resolution. I always enjoys all the parties that go on with my friends and really enjoy the ball drop. My all time favorite part though, is the kissing at the end!”

“New Year’s to me means new changes on things I could fix from last year. My New Year’s resolution is to start being nicer to Marcus. I am excited to become an adult and start college,” said senior Sami Meyer.

I hope you have a great break and enjoy the holidays. I hope to hear about your New Year’s Day!