Talent show

Talent show

Michael Noll, Staff Reporter

A school talent show would be one of the most exciting thing that could be added to Tracy High.  

It will introduce new incentives, opportunities, and more.  

Adam Montoya a junior in the AG program said, “That would be awesome.” 

Montoya also said, “A lot of people are asking…why don’t we just do it?” 

This is a question that many people have on their mind.  Why not have one. It is an original idea in town and we would be the first high school in Tracy to have one.

Principal Jason Noll said, “School talent show! I say let’s do it. It would have to be organized correctly, so that all the people should have to try out for it, so we can have good talent out there.  Why not?”

Our principal thinks that it would be a great idea, and that we should do it.  It is a hundred percent a possibility for the end of this school year.

This idea has been brought up in the leadership class, and with the right request forms and organization it will be able to happen.

There will need to be a GPA requirement, and a max amount of tardies for a student to participate in this.

The tryouts will have signups and can be held for one hour after school for a few days.

This idea can start up a new Tracy High tradition that gets carried on for many decades after we are all gone.