Michael Noll, Staff Reporter

Although it is seen as an individual sport, the Tracy High wrestling team has such a strong bond, and they all want to get each other better and have a lot of success.

Everyone has set high expectations for this team. Jonathan Uhl, a senior on whe wrestling team, said, “My expectations for this season is to help my team in every way I can in getting us ready for the league tournament. I expect us to push each other and make one last push to put Tracy high back on the map for wrestling as well as furthering myself into making the state tournament.”  

The team is so good this year that all 14 varsity members should place in the league tournament at the end of the season and progress closer to state.

Eli Blackwell, a senior on the wrestling team, said, “I have only wrestled one tournament and I took first place pinning all of my opponents in the first period. I think we have a strong team.” 

Before they compete in tournaments, they have to go and weigh in.  This is to determine their weight class and if they are able to wrestle in the tournament. 

In a sport like this, personal off-season training is absolutely vital in order to be successful.  A few of the boys wrestle year round. 

Blackwell said, “I have just been climbing the ladder in competition and just coming into tournaments upsetting the big guys.”  

His training has payed off well. He has made it to state multiple times, and is one of the best prospects to win it this year.

Uhl said, “I went to a few camps with some teammates of mine as well as working with wrestlers and coaches that wrestled or wrestle at that higher level.” 

His training has also payed off by leading to a high ranking.  

This season is going to be a fun one that will as Uhl said, “…put Tracy High back on the map for wrestling.”

Come out and watch a tournament, their next one is Saturday Dec. 14, at 9 a.m.