Cheerleaders Supporting Our Boys


Kaylee McMillan, Staff Reporter

Cheer tumbles into basketball season with amazing accomplishments made so far during the preseason routines, and also including one preseason game Dec. 10, at Kimball High School. 

Practice and game schedules are getting super packed and busy as hoopla gets closer and league season begins, Time management is coming highly into play for the cheer team. In practice captains teach the cheerleaders new routines to perform during half time each and every home basketball game. 

Memories in basketball season are so easy to make. In the gym, you’re so close to each other, to the crowd and to your coaches as well. The closeness calls for hilarious moments and endless memories. 

“My favorite memory of basketball season so far was our first basketball game over break vs West ! Sure we lost by a few points but the game & energy there was intense and super fun,” said junior Marion Reyes.

“My favorite memory of basketball season so far has to be the Tracy Vs West game. Seeing our schools spirit amp up to support our boys brought a smile to my face,” said junior Kaylee Anderson

Tracy High Cheer has tons of crazy and fun events to look forward to in the next few months. The season will end in February of 2020 and many opportunities are in the time between! 

“One thing that I’m looking forward to as the season is getting closer to an end is our cheer banquet and tryouts for next year’s cheer team! I’m excited to see what the seniors this year have in store for tryouts,” said Reyes

“The thing I look forward to getting closer to the end of the season has to be Hoopla. The school coming together doing spirit days and rally’s is the joy of high school” said Anderson

Time management, constant practices, learning new cheers. Tons of new things that make cheer a bit more tougher for each and every cheerleader. It can be a personal fix or a team fix but it’s one thing that the team needs to come together to make everything perfect as a whole.

“What I have found difficult about basketball season is cheering over the crowd because everyone is just so hyped up and we are in a closed space with sound resonating everywhere,” said Reyes.

“What I have found difficult is time management. Practice and games are on such awkward days that finding time to do homework and spending time with family is very difficult,” said Anderson