Girls Basketball


Luc Miceli, Contributor

The girls basketball team has had a rough start to the season. The team record is 1-3, and their schedule doesn’t get easy.  

Their next game is against Manteca, who are 5-2. This will be a tough game, but it’s time for girls on the team to step up. Team leaders such as Carly Winters and Kayla Viera will need big games to beat a team like Manteca.  

The girls only win so far is against Mountain House where they won in a tight game, 47-43. There 3 losses so far are all bad losses. In their 3 losses, they have lost by 30 points or more in each matchup.  

For the team to succeed, it will have to be a team win , contribution from everybody, whether it shows on the stat sheet or not.  The girls do not particularly have a team that will go on a magical run but they have enough season left to improve and be more of a competitive team.

Carly Winters, starting shooting guard, addressed how they need to perform to win.

“To compete against Manteca our goal is to play hard and hustle the whole game, we have to work as a team and execute our plays,” said Winters. “My hopes for the season is to have fun since it’s my last year on the team. I also hope that we are prepared enough to compete against all teams.  I hope we do well during league.” 

These are Winter’s hopes for her final season.  What ways can the team improve? Winters added on how the team can improve.

“Our team is filled with players who know the game of basketball very well.  In order to improve, we have to put all our knowledge together and work as a team,” said Winters.