5 Tips for Students with Jobs:


Michelle Raquel Morales Reyna, Student Reporter

5 Tips For Students With Jobs:

If you plan on getting a job your junior / senior year in high school you will need to prepare for it. Handling both school and work can be stressful, but with the right mindset and patience you can do it. In this article, I listed 5 tips for you to use if you already have a job or if you plan on getting one.

#1.  My first tip would to not procrastinate on your homework. If you have any free time during your day try to use efficiently. This is how you avoid pulled up homework and missing assignments. Don’t wait to do it after work because doing that can lead to staying up all night. 

#2. The second tip would be to have an agenda and keep Ik work it so you don’t feel overwhelmed trying to remnant. Your tasks for the day. I suggest you include the days you work and your availability as well so you know which days you are open for other activities. This will really help you make time for days were you need to study, do homework, go to work, or simply go out with friends. Try managing your time even harder if you want to participate in extra curriculum. 

#3. Tip number three is getting your 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping is so important when handling school and a job together. If you want to have enough energy and the capacity to finish more things a day without being tired SLEEP at night. Put down your phone and give your body what it needs. This is extremely key to having energy for your day. 

#4. Tip number four would be to apply for a job that works with YOUR schedule. Make sure they don’t overload you with so many hours that you end up behind in school. This is really important. Your high school job is NOT your life so don’t feel trapped or stressed because if you are then that’s a bad sign. Find a job that complies to your schedule.

#5. Tip number 5 would be to prioritize your responsibilities. This apples to homework, sports, clubs, or any other thing. You need to learn how to say No if you are asked to work someone’s shift and you know you can’t do it. Don’t let anything interfere with your education. 

These have been my 5 useful tips from me to you. I’ve found these tips really useful because I as well have a job and I know how hard it is to maintain both worlds.