FAFSA Workshop


Michelle Raquel Morales Reyna, Student Reporter

FAFSA Workshops:

Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s that time of the year where we are applying for Financial Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA is free money for the students who qualify for aid which is used for college classes. Students who don’t have enough money to further their education are able to take advantage of this aid. The application is time consuming and requires a lot of information to complete it can get confusing and frustrating. For those who have no clue how to apply your In luck

If students and their legal guardian are having trouble filling out the application they can attend a FAFSA workshop. At a FAFSA workshop the application is filled out between you, your parent, and a tutor. Your questions are all answered and you will be guided throughout the whole application process. It’s an amazing opportunity if you are in need for help.

All of the following things listed below are important because it is the information needed to show proof of your income. To attend a FAFSA workshop students need to have the following with them: 

  • Social Security Card
  • Federal Income Tax Return 
  • A Bank Statement
  • A FAFSA account for yourself
  • A FAFSA account for your parent

You can attend a FAFSA workshop at your local high school. Dates are usually posted on the Tracy High website or are announced during the morning announcements.Stay on the lookout ! for further information visit the career center or your counselor. Don’t miss out on this great help.