Season 2, “YOU” Netflix Series

Season 2, “YOU” Netflix Series

Amaya Armas, Staff Reporter

Beginning on Dec. 26 2019, the second season of You released giving fans so much excitement. As the first season brought so much suspense and tension, people were looking forward to what this Netflix series had to offer for this new season. (SPOILER!!) We are introduced to a few new main characters: Love, Forty, Ellie, Delilah, Henderson, and many more. As it came out during winter break, there were non stop Tweets, Instagram posts, Tiktoks, Memes, and a whole lot of talk about this new season and it’s crazy plot twist.

“Being a dedicated fan to You, I was so excited to be able to watch the series during break and was shocked at the ending. I think something that was really disturbing is that no matter what Joe seemed to go back to always being his usual stalker and creepy self. As the ending showed Love and him were expecting, yet he was looking at the neighbor through the fence crack… WHY?!” said Alyssa Cargill that’s a sophomore at Tracy High.

Seeing the new main characters develop was something that most people found the most interesting.As only a few characters we’re different due to the fact that they either were killed if they fell victims to Joe or due to his spontaneous move to LA. He also changed his identity as shown in the show, becoming Will, and strives to become a “new” person.

“Watching the show, I was so confused with the relationship between Joe and Love, especially when they decieded to break up and her constant want to make him jealous. Once they got together and after she admits to the murder it seemed like Joe was judging her for similar, if not worse acts that he himself also committed” Dharshini Sridharan a Junior at Tracy High said.

As there is a possible talk about a 3rd season! A lot of fans are already making alternate endings and possible ways the next season is going to play out. As the ending did bring a lot of confusion and made fans rave, there is a possiblity it will not be a cliff hanger and will be a 3rd season. As most fans are anticipating for another season.