Blood Drive


Stella Myers, Contributor

Tracy High privilege of Red Cross coming to campus and giving students the opportunity to donate their blood. 

Students sixteen years old or older can donate blood with a signed permission slip. Students who are eighteen can also donate without a parent’s permission. It’s an opportunity not many students are exposed to. 

Senior Martin Castellon was happy to donate his blood for the first time. 

“I decided to give blood because it was an opportunity that I never took before. I thought it would be great to help others. I am really glad that I donated,” Castellon said. 

Students have to meet certain requirements to give their blood at school to make sure they are safe. It’s important that the students stay safe and the blood is healthy. You must weigh 110 pounds and be in good health. There are other height requirements that can prevent students from donating. 

“They took my blood and it was pretty normal. I felt fine until they put celine back into me. I was shivering for twenty minutes, it was really cold. I wasn’t expecting that part,” Castellon said. 

When Red Cross comes to high schools its very impactful and gives students an opportunity they may not be as exposed to.  Students get really into it and many students donate. Tracy High has a big turn out when Red Cross comes. 

“I think it’s great that the Red Cross comes to high schools and asks students to donate blood. This isn’t done much in other places and it’s a really great opportunity,” Castellon said. 

Tracy High has many opportunities to donate blood. It is advertised when Red Cross is coming keep an eye out if your interested.